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Julie Hampton

Creative Arts and Entertainment


The Intimate Studio



Miami, FL, USA


She is the Boss!

You can't get more intimate than a husband and wife photo team, right?

Basy and I want to give everyday woman an opportunity to document their feminine journey. Women deserve more than selfies and quick digitals. Photography creates your legacy and looks back on your life journey through all of its phases.

The Intimate Studio creates artist iconic images. Goodbye digitals--we want to get real. Our aesthetic is dreamy and romantic. Add a pinch of classicism and vintage nostalgia. With my (Julie) background running multiple business ventures and Basy's iconic international photography, The Intimate Studio was created.

Our backgrounds are the perfect artistic match. I work with clients through the entire photography experience from the initial phone call to final photo selections. Basy handles everything photography--lighting, posing and direction. We are both on all shoots, as well as our pro makeup team, and work together to help clients have a fun and comfortable photo shoot.

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