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Samantha Ramnarine

Business and Leadership


Car Accident Referral Services



Plantation, FL, USA


She is the Boss!

Let Our Lawyers & Doctors with over a 200 years of Experience Combined take care of You. Let us treat you like Our Family & Put More Money into Your Pockets!! Please keep in mind what percentage attorneys will take from their client(s) settlement(s). The Statute allows your lawyer to take 33 1/3% in fees from any bodily injury case that is settled prior to trial. If your case requires actually filing a lawsuit, the fees increase to 40% from your settlement. Even if Our Attorneys take your case to court, they take 25% not 40% like other attorneys.

Our Network of Attorneys have agreed to take 25% plus costs of any recovery up to $1,000.000.00 instead of 33 1/3% like most attorneys take.

Our network of attorneys has agreed to LOWER THEIR FEES TO 25%, WHICH WILL PUT MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET if the case settles.

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