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Kiwani Tapper

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Drink Bush Tea




She is the Boss!

Who is bush.?
bush. is an herbal tea line designed by Black Caribbean Women that promote the medicinal benefits of herbs to assist your body with a new approach to healing itself. No matter what your ailment “There’s a herb for that!”

Our mission at bush. is to bring back healthy traditions into today’s modern world by incorporating herbal teas to create a more fulfilling lifestyle.

For generations herbal bush tea has been steeped and enjoyed in the Caribbean as a morning beverage or as a practice of healing. The merge of cultures from around the world brought together herbal healing and bush medicine to form the perfect variety of herbs brought to you by bush.

First and foremost we value the health of all of our customers. We encourage you to begin your healing journey with bush. herbal teas and enhance your overall well-being.

It is said incorporating herbal teas into your diet may bring you closer to these healthy traditions, which leads to a beginning of a beautiful life. Sip, soothe and heal with bush. loose leaf herbal teas.

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