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Services and Plans

  • Social Media Management (Instagram)

    Every month
    Manage Instagram Page (posting and engagement) with content creation assistance
    • Content creation: Creating relevant and engaging content
    • Social media measurement: Managing customer traffic and soci
    • Social Media Content Calendar creation
    • Content scheduling: Using a visual method to schedule posts
    • Engagement management: Managing interactions on an Instagram
    • Interacting with followers
    • Analyzing data: Analyzing data to achieve marketing goals
    • Implementing strategies to achieve marketing goals
  • Visionary Coaching Package (4 Sessions)

    Phases used to organize your vision, set goals, and plan in motion
    Valid for 3 months
    • Flexible 1-on-1 Virtual Sessions
    • Phase 1: Organizational Crafting
    • Phase 2: Development
    • Phase 3: Role Specific Conditioning
    • Phase 4: Plan of Action
    • Organization of thoughts: dreams, aspirations, and purpose
    • Set timelines, milestones, goals
    • Accountability with SMART Goals
    • Enhance productivity patterns
    • Branding and Marketing Strategies
    • Organizational Leadership
    • A Safe Space to Dream Big
    • A champion in your corner to share opportunities for growth
  • One Virtual 1-on-1 Session

    Grab your notebook and pen. Be ready to take notes! Organize your thoughts, vision, and strategy
    Valid for 3 months
    • Let's talk! Dreams, aspirations, and purpose
    • Leadership Insight
    • Understand your direction and next steps.
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