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What the industry is saying about FDE!


"We had a great time with Fashion Designers Expo! They delivered on their promises and we have gotten many offers since doing the show! Thanks to EVERYONE at FDE.  And plan on seeing us again next Spring with our new brand of madness."

~Ramsey and Jade, Miami (Fashion Designers, Ramsey and Jade)


"You're doing a great work here young lady [Karine Melissa]. I applaud you."

~Luther "Uncle Luke" Campbell


"As we continue to strive for better in the community, we meet individuals like Karine, Clinton, and Tahaji, who understand the need of supporting organizations such as Overtown Youth Center." [FDE fashion events raised awareness and funds to benefit OYC]

~Alonzo Mourning (NBA Hall of Fame)


"My first time ever doing a real runway show was in 2007, where I participated in the first annual Fashion Designers Expo Fashion Week. I entered the model contest where I won model of the year. This was just the very start of a promising career. After Fashion Designers Expo, I did many local fashion shows through networks from FDE.  Since then, I've worked with numerous photographers including two well known photographers, Bruce Talbot and Shamayim. I have been from coast to coast and have even traveled internationally to Mexico [and Africa] working on all expense paid and compensated assignments. My first world appearance is in the July issue of Essence magazine. This is just a few of the many great achievements yet to come!"

~Elizabeth Noel, Miami, (Professional Model)


"FDE has given me the opportunity to work with great designers and to meet wonderful people that I will cherish their friendship for the rest of my life.  I have had the opportunity to work for good causes doing what I love the most and all has being possible through FDE.  Since the first year I worked for them I felt a connection with the team that keeps me going back every year.  I feel that I have grown as a professional with them. Together we have done great work and I thank my FDE family for this, because without them and the opportunity they have given me, this would have not been possible."

I am forever grateful for Karine and the FDE team. Thanks to my FDE family, I’ve been able to accomplish so much in my career. They gave me the opportunity not only to model for them but to also showcase my swimwear line when I launched it. They mean so much to me and will always support them in all they do.

~Maytee Martinez (Professional Model)


"In regards to social media and website traffic, I definitely feel the pictures that I have found from the models on the runway and ELLE Spain definitely makes my brand more valuable. It is a great thing to say that I made it in ELLE Spain."

~Stephanie Gabriella, Miami (Fashion Designer)


"Thank you so much. The show was so much fun. My partner and I met many great people and we are very grateful for the opportunity."

~Tasia Burgess, LA (Fashion Designer, Drinkinis)


"I loved all of the events! It was really fun! Thank you again for the experience! You have truly changed my life. I already got a few offers to be in other shows for next year with new collections. Thank you Karine! [Has your social media and website traffic increased?] Yes my social media and website traffic has indeed increased. I believe by maybe by 100 or more people. Many people started following my Instagram to work with me and that they would like to collaborate with me. So that was great."

~Jacqueline Rebecca, Miami (Fashion Designer)


"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (SCREAMING) we made it in Elle Magazine!!! I'm so excited!!! I like how everything was. Everything was great and very professional.. One of the best experiences I've ever had! Everything was very professional and in order."

~Maria Aponte, Fort Lauderdale (Fashion Designer, Painted Swagg)


"I remember the FIRST season that I was presented to graced the runway as a Model for FDE. I was just starting out as a Model, didn't have much runway experience and was extremely nervous! That first show opened so many doors for me. I was able to network with multiple designers and photographers which led other runway shows, photoshoot and hosting opportunities. Not only does FDE stand for a great cause, but it also serves as a way for Models to get their face out into the fashion world."

~Alecia Rodriguez, Dominican Republic (Professional Model)


"How can I paraphrase this?  My experience at the Spring FDE 2010 was just OUTSTANDING! I have known Karine for over 5 years and she has always encouraged me to continue to pursue my career in modeling despite my age.  I was TOTALLY shocked and excited at first to even get selected to partake in the show, let alone as an FDE Model at 39 years of age.  It was a true blessing to walk in a show of this magnitude with young women in their teens and 20's and here I am just blending in. What a wonderful experience, and what capped it all.................. was the big smile on Karine's face when I, for the first time, wore Kimajé Kreations Swimwear WITHOUT A WRAP!!  Thank you Jesus for placing me in the path of Karine and on to the runway of FDE."

~Renee Fletcher (Professional Model)


"I want to say thank you again for having my brand there, It was a great learning experience for me and my team."

~Sophia Shah, Miami (Fashion Designer, Sophia Naz Shah)


"I am truly so blessed to be a part of the Fashion Designers Expo. I tried out for the fall show 4 years ago when I was only 12, and I had no idea the friendships and family I would become a part of. Everyone was so nice and smiling and I felt so happy. FDE has helped my career so very much. I very rarely am allowed by my agency to do any free shows anymore, but FDE is a part of my heart and soul, and my agency does allow me to be part of the shows every 6 months."

~Staci Lyon, Miami (Professional Model)


"Thank you for a wonderful experience. It was so special meeting you and the people associated with FDE. We hope this will be the beginning of a long-term relationship. We admire what you were able to accomplish."

~JB and Patuna, Republic of Georgia (Fashion Designer, Patuna Couture)


The experiences I’ve had being a part of FDE’s runway shows were amazing. I walked FDE’s runway for the first time at the age of 14 years old and that was the beginning of my modeling career. That opened a lot of doors for me. The exposure and opportunity allowed me to be noticed by others and I was able to be a part of many runway shows after that such as Miami Fashion Week & Mercedes Benz Swim Week. I was also a featured model in various magazines including WBE Italy. One of my greatest accomplishments was being noticed by Americas Next Top Model and making it to the semi-finals selection. FDE pretty much gave me the platform to go on and do more.

~Ashley Von (Professional Model)

Hi Karine! "FDE & the team have been such a blessing & I can never thank them enough for all of the support. Just like me, many other kids have had the fashion experience of their life with FDE. Congrats on 10 years guys! & to many more"
Thank you for thinking of me karine! I'm so happy for you and the success of FDE. It means so much to me since FDE has been there since the beginning of my career, so I'm so happy for you guys !!!

~Lilimar Hernandez (Model and Actress- Nickelodeon’s Bella and the Bulldogs)

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