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Leadership Mantra

Leadership to me is about changing the world. A mantra I stand firm on is "impact one". I believe that changing the world begins with impacting as many lives as I can one by one. This would cause a ripple effect as the deed is paid forward. I believed in this explanation of it because I felt like one person can only go so far in the world to influence a life. My reach is only as far as I can manage to go in my lifetime. However, watching the video has helped me to reposition my stance on how I envision my mantra "impact one".

In Everyday Leadership, Drew Dudley speaks about impacting one life. He explained it on a bigger scale than I was thinking. Changing the world has to do with the six billion people on the planet. The people are what make up the world. So, influencing one mind results in changing history (TED Talks, 2012). That is changing the world. I had never understood it quite like that before. It has changed my entire mindset about what I am able to accomplish as a leader. I feel like I was thinking small before. Now, I feel like my hard work and dedication will pay off.

Another nugget from this video that stood out was Dudley's reference of the "lollipop moment" (TED Talk, 2012). The story was great but it was his questions that tugged on my emotions. I thought of all the people that have truly impacted my life and still do not know it. This was a moment of self-reflection for me. Moving forward, my intention is to contact as many of the influencers in my life to let them know that I am where I am because of their investment in me.


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