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We Think Loud - Linda Scruggs

It's the power of a woman's voice for me!

We Think Loud shares the power of a woman's voice. Women from all over the world have submitted their voices to be featured. Your voice is power. Your voice can bring life to a dying world. Your voice can empower and impact lives all around the globe.

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I am a 65 year old black female who have been able to beat the odds against severe depression, suicidal attempts, child abuse, rape molestation and low self-esteem for most of my life. I learned from my past experiences that the only way to beat them is to face them one by one, trusting and believing that God will see you through. One of my accomplishments that I am proud of is after years of being told that I was not college material. In 2014 I received my Associate of Arts Degree from Mountain View, Junior College, in Dallas, Texas In 2020, I am planning on returning to college to get my Bachelor’s Degree in Physiology. I am a Minister of The Gospel and I love people.


My voice is powerful because I have been able to give help and encouragement to woman in prison, halfway houses and various places to be successful in whatever they do. The advice and mentoring that I have suggested to them caused them to make better choices concerning their future and work through anything that is holding them back from following their dreams; even when it hurts."

What are you waiting for?! Share your voice with thousands of women around the world. Submit your info online at www.WeThinkLoud.com/befeatured. ● #WeThinkLoud #HerVoice #HearMeRoar #voiceofawoman #MyVoiceMyPower #SHOP #WeThinkLoud #HerVoice #voiceofawoman #woman #myvoice #empower #womenpreneurs #bossladies #womanboss #womanpower #bosswoman #womanempowerment #womanquotes #womancrushwednesday #fashion #blogger #bloglife #bloggerstyle #bloggerlife

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How can I be a writer for the blog?

The team is always looking for women to share their voices. If you're interested in writing articles or being a guest on our podcast, contact us!

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