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Boss Babes of South Florida Trailblazer & Top 7 Most Influential Boss Babes Honorees

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

The Boss Babes of Miami | South Florida's Board of Directors announced their inaugural Boss Babes Honors - Brunch Celebration. This brunch will celebrate Boss Babes killin' it on their 9 to 5 or entrepreneurship vibe! The brunch will take place on Saturday, August 7th at 11am. Location provided upon RSVP. Go to

Visionary Founder, Karine Melissa says, "We brunch together to celebrate our boss babe friends and honor those that continue to pave the way with excellence and innovation."

The Top 7 Most Influential Boss Babes have been selected along with the official Boss Babes of South Florida - Most Influential Trailblazer Award. Here are the 2021 honorees!


Boss Babes of South Florida - Most Influential Trailblazer

Nickie Nou

Founder of Curls Dynasty

Instagram @curlsdynasty


Curls Dynasty was founded in 2014 by healthy hair and body enthusiast, Nickie Nougaisse.

After several disheartening experiences on her own haircare journey, Nickie decided to transition

to natural hair, during which she was diligent in identifying the healthiest chemical-free products

and ingredients to help revive her hair.

On her new hair journey, Nickie quickly became a tutorial and product junkie, but was continuously disappointed by the products that filled her cabinets. Taking matters into her own hands, she soon began mixing her own products in her kitchen and immediately experienced positive results.

Excited and passionate about her new discoveries, Nickie found herself constantly giving tips and providing encouragement to others on their own healthy hair journeys. She has since been sharing her collection of high quality hair care products with naturals globally, changing the world one curl at a time!

Born and raised in beautiful Haiti until the age of 13, Nickie migrated to the USA, chasing the American dream. The journey was arduous, she experienced and overcame many obstacles such as language barriers, racism and homelessness. Nickie currently lives in South Florida with her family. She has degrees in Psychology, Criminal Justice, Child Delinquency and Protection. She has been very fortunate to serve as advocate, investigator, protector in her career working with women and children survivors of abuse.

She is happy to be able to continue to love and support others through Curls Dynasty. Her hope is to inspire, motivate, and elevate alongside all of those who are part of this family that the Dynasty is.

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Top 7 Most Influential Boss Babes of South Florida

Monica Sarduy

VP of Sales & Marketing - X-1FBO

President of Women's Chamber of Commerce Miami-Dade County

Instagram @wccmiami


Monica Sarduy began her career in 2006 as a Key Accounts Advertising Sales Coordinator for the Miami Herald. What she enjoyed most was the development facets of the position where she was able to assist key account managers with building and customizing proposals and presentations.

This newly developed inclination led Monica to explore different areas outside the field of sales and into her first management position for a Coral Gables Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine. During her tenure at the practice, she doubled the monthly revenues in just a few short months.

In 2016, she entered into the commercial property management world as Founder of BizNest, a new spin on traditional co-working spaces. BizNest became a child-friendly shared space community of working moms (mompreneurs).

During BizNest’s rebranding phase, her husband discovered at the 11th hour that he had drawn an opponent in his judicial race. Always up for a challenge in a new arena, Monica Sarduy decided to roll up her sleeves as the campaign’s manager and deputy treasurer. She organized a successful campaign in only 3 months which led to her husband’s successful re-election.

In June of 2018 Monica accepted a Director of Sales & Marketing for GOA-TECH. In 2021, she was recruited as VP of Sales & Marketing for X-1FBO an aviation logistics software company.

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Top 7 Most Influential Boss Babes of South Florida

Barbara Perpignan

Barbwire VIP, Royal Resorts, SBP Financial

Instagram @boriqua_queen_b


My name is Barbara Perpignan and I am a Puerto Rican born and raised woman who solves problems for both the wealthy and the famous! I have 2 degrees from Nova Southeastern University; a Bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Mental Health Counseling. I’m currently the President and CEO of 3 companies in three totally different sectors.

  1. Barbwire VIP where we help create, build, market and protect brands for both athletes and entertainers as well as manage their lifestyles.

  2. Covidtestpros where we take COVID testing to businesses, local governments and foreign countries. We currently have contracts with 4 of the largest South American countries to test their underserved communities!

  3. Royal Resorts International where our mission is to reignite the travel and tourism industry in the Caribbean by building, owning and operating 4-star or more hotels and resorts!

I am also the Executive Director of The Rebirth Project; a 501C3 dedicated to assisting victims of domestic violence established in 2008!

I am happily, happily married to Sony Perpignan who also happens to be my business partner! I have 3 beautiful kids; Jajuan, Jazzmine & Dajour who have given me 3 amazing grand kids. I love to travel and cook with my husband. And we are avid sneaker heads!

Life isn’t easy, we all go through very difficult situations in our lives. I want every woman to know that no matter what your going through, no matter how hard things are, you can overcome any challenge and accomplish any dream… if you keep going!

Join us as we celebrate this Boss Babe! RSVP


Top 7 Most Influential Boss Babes of South Florida

Danie Spikes

Certified Relationship Coach, TEDX Speaker, Award-Winning Business Woman

CEO @belovedbox @hellobeauteorg

Instagram @lovecoachdanispikes

Danie describes her approach to coaching as “an honest, comedic spoonful of sugar that you didn’t know that you needed but you’re grateful that you had.” She melds candor with love and a touch of humor to find, highlight, and cultivate the greatness and potential that already exists within each of her clients.

Danie’s toughest moments are what allow her to show up for her clients, customers, and community—and in everything she does, she seeks to empower others to do the same.

“Everything I do is in service of others. Every single thing I do, I was born to do.”

Danie Spikes is a certified professional relationship coach, public speaker, and award-winning businesswoman. As CEO of Beloved Inc., Danie approaches every business and project as an opportunity to fulfill the basic needs and desires most humans share: self-love, fulfilling relationships, confidence, and healing.

This approach has led her to create a number of businesses. BeLoved Box, a fragrance house and body care brand she leads with her husband, Stephen, started with an all-natural home remedy for his eczema, and can now be found in hotels around the world. Luv and Lavender began as a birthday celebration and has grown into a one-day retreat for women who may not have a whole week to take a vacation, but still need to carve out time for self-care. As CEO of a thriving beauty brand, Danie created Hello Beauty to bring together a community of other women in the industry, especially those early in their journeys, to support, encourage, and learn from one another.

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Top 7 Most Influential Boss Babes of South Florida

Samantha Ramnarine

Instagram @caraccidentalreferralservices


Samantha Ramnarine has been working since she was 14 years old. She writes: I’m very passionate in what I do. I started my marketing company and consulting company at the age of 19. I’ve been helping car accident , Worker’s Comp., and slip and fall clients for the past 20 years and I own Diversity MRI.

I volunteer with Soroptomist International, Police Charities, Chamber of Commerce, Global chamber, Junior League Boca Raton and connected with over 23 Networking groups.

I do you over 100 talk shows weekly regarding car accidents, Worker’s Comp., slip and fall, and life. I’m very passionate and dedicated to all of my clients. I truly believe in putting more money into my clients pockets and I believe in treating all of my clients like my family. I want people to have the knowledge so they don’t get taken advantage of.

I am a mom of two amazing boys ages four and six. I’ve helped several women in their businesses and taught them how to market themselves better. I’m all about God, my family, my health, and my career. I love to travel, hang out with my family, and to stop and smell the roses more every day.

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Top 7 Most Influential Boss Babes of South Florida

Zahadonna Clark

Instagram @iamzahadonna


Zahadonna Clark is a Cosmetologist and Hair Extensions Coach. Her salon is located in Miami, Florida. Zahadonna has been in the industry for over 13 years and has a passion to teach other stylists her proven set of skills and techniques. She has created ebooks and educational videos on how to build your skills and knowledge about particular hairstyles. Zahadonna also launched her own hair extensions line and sells various products for hair maintenance and health.

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Top 7 Most Influential Boss Babes of South Florida

Taj McGill

Founder of South Florida Fashion Academy

Instagram @tajmcgill